Risk and Prevention Consultations and Genetic Counseling

Our advisory services include assessing family and personal cancer risk. We explain the connections between cancer, heredity and cancer risk factors. We advise you on whether a genetic clarification (genetic test) is indicated and which type of prevention appears to be suitable for each individual.

A consultation often includes several sessions and is paid for by the compulsory basic insurance. According to the law, a genetic test must be accompanied by genetic counseling. The written, informed consent of those affected is required. The cost of a genetic test is covered by the compulsory basic insurance, as long as it has been ordered by an authorized doctor.

Register for Genetic Consultation

Please send us your detailed questions by email. We are committed to respond to you within 48 hours. If you have an urgent request, please contact the Chief Physician's Secretariat on +41 31 632 22 43. If possible, you will be transferred to the doctor or nursing expert.