Diet is very important in preventing and treating cancer. The disease often results in malnutrition. Nutritional therapy can counteract this.

If you eat optimally, you can make your body more resilient. This supports cancer therapy and makes it more tolerable. It is important that muscle mass is maintained or built up. For this, nutritional strategies and strength exercises are combined.

What we offer

We carry out a screening in order to identify nutritional errors in a timely manner and treat them reliably. This allows us to recognize whether someone is malnourished or has a nutrient deficiency. We also assess body weight and body composition.

Together with nutritionists, we provide individual nutritional recommendations. If necessary, we create nutritional plans. We also take special diets or nutritional supplements into account.


Good nutritional status is a prerequisite for the treatment of cancer. We are at your side with our team of nutritional physician and nutritionists.

Referral to our nutritional medical consultation and nutritional advice takes place via e-mail. Please ensure that all relevant medical information is included.