Palliative Care



Palliative care includes the care and treatment of people affected by a chronic or life-threatening illness. The focus is on the person as a whole with their physical, social and spiritual needs. The primary goal is not on fighting the disease, but rather on maintaining the quality of life, dignity and self-determination of those affected.

Making the best of it together in difficult life situations – that is our goal. We see ourselves as part of a “network” that supports you and your relatives in order to shape the next phase of your life as much as possible according to your own ideas.

The following clinical offers are available to you:

Inpatient specialized palliative care on the ward in the SWAN House

• The palliative care advisory service within and outside the hospital

• The palliative care consultation in the SWAN house

In many cases, it's about planning ahead: "What do we do if ...." and about asking questions like "What content and goals are important to me?" to clarify.

Together with a team of various specialists and other trusted people beyond the hospital, we try to draw up a treatment plan for your hospital stay and beyond.

It is advisable to plan your hospital admission as early as possible. As part of the regional palliative care network of the Canton of Bern, our goal is to fulfill the frequent wish of affected patients and their relatives to continue living in their home environment.

We want to help ensure that you and those around you:

• feel in good hands and personally cared for in difficult life situations thanks to high-quality care and support from a specialized interprofessional treatment team;

• be looked after with a focus on your resources and those of your environment;

• thanks to joint advance planning, you can go your own way with trust and confidence.