In addition to surgical and drug therapy, radiation therapy has a high value in the treatment of cancer.

Radiation oncologists therefore work closely with the various specialist disciplines at the UCI. As part of the interdisciplinary tumor board, your specialist recommendations are incorporated into the planning of the treatment process.

During a meeting with a radiation oncologist, we inform you about the treatment options as well as the expected effects and side effects of the radiation. We discuss the next steps with you and plan the process. The radiation treatments are carried out in the rooms of the University Clinic for Radiation Oncology at the Inselspital. The most modern equipment and a wide range of radiotherapy procedures and highly specialized services (stereotactic radiosurgery, brachytherapy, online adaptive radiotherapy, hyperthermia) are available here for the treatment of cancer.

Insights into Radiotherapy

This video gives an insight into the process of radiation therapy: from the first consultation with the doctor to radiation planning, the actual radiation treatments, nursing advice and follow-up checks.