Medical Therapy

For malignant head and neck tumors, drug therapies such as chemotherapy, newer antibody therapy and immunotherapy are important treatments. These are administered intravenously as infusions in the outpatient clinic of the University Clinic for Medical Oncology or on its oncology ward.

These modern therapies are administered:

  • in combination with radiation therapy, as preparatory therapy before surgery or radiation therapy,
  • or as sole therapy with palliative intent.

The recommendation for drug therapy is made after the discussion at the interdisciplinary tumor conference, where each case is analyzed individually.

All drug treatments are carried out by the Universitätsklinik für medizinische Onkologie after reviewing medical records and examining patients regarding current health status, current medications and history. After a detailed discussion with the patient and their relatives about the effects, side effects and objectives of the treatment, the appropriate therapy is planned and implemented.

Regular quality controls and participation in national and international studies guarantee that medical oncology is always up to date with the latest knowledge and also enable us to use the latest medications in a controlled manner.