Phoniatrics and Speech Therapy

Being able to communicate clearly, successfully and coherently in order to participate in social life seems to be self-evident. How important this is often only becomes apparent when it no longer works smoothly. Restrictions in spoken language communication and swallowing can be the result of a tumor in the head and neck area.

The Phoniatrics Department has an interdisciplinary team that specializes in the examination, advice and treatment of patients with voice, speech, speech and swallowing disorders. Further information can be found on our Webseite.


Tumor surgery in the head and neck area often causes major changes in the activities of daily life for the patient and their relatives.

The nursing staff in the ward and the polyclinic will look after and advise you on nursing matters before, during and after your hospital stay and provide you and your caregivers with the knowledge and skills to find your way in the changed situation and to gain confidence in using aids.

If necessary, we include additional nursing, medical and therapeutic services, both within and outside the hospital, in the treatment process.

Therapy Options

Swallowing may be impaired if there are tumors of the oral cavity, tongue, throat or larynx. A phoniatric-speech therapy swallowing examination serves as the basis for the development of an individual swallowing therapy concept.

  • If the larynx had to be removed due to a malignant tumor, various replacement voices can be learned.
  • In the case of organic voice disorders after radiation or partial surgical resection of larynx tumors, voice therapy can be performed for vocal rehabilitation.
  • Tumors on the lip, jaw, tongue or oral cavity can lead to articulation problems. The precise findings are recorded in the phoniatric-speech therapy examination.

The treatment of the above-mentioned disorders can take place directly in phoniatrics or can also be initiated close to home. There is close collaboration with psycho-oncology for all examinations and treatments.