At our clinic, a variety of surgical procedures are carried out on the skin, the adjacent mucous membranes and the nails. Dermatosurgery is an important part of dermatological therapy.

In our clinic, dermatosurgery is closely linked to the special consultations for skin tumors, pigment lesions/melanoma, nail diseses, cosmetic dermatology and laser therapy.

The interventions are carried out by doctors from the clinic and consultants with proven qualifications and experience in dermatosurgery. The majority of procedures are carried out on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

Surgical treatment is carried out for the following diseases:

  • Benign skin lesions (e.g. moles, cysts, fibromas, xanthelasmas, keloids) malignant (malignant)
  • skin tumors (malignant)
  • Basal cell carcinomas (basal cell carcinomas)
  • Squamous cell carcinomas (spinocellular carcinomas, spinal aliomas)
  • Melanoma (“black skin cancer”)

Further information can be found on the homepage of the University Clinic for Dermatology