Team Sarkoma Center

The treatment of soft tissue (including GIST) and bone sarcomas is complex. It requires interdisciplinary collaboration between a variety of medical disciplines. At the Inselspital, 16 medical disciplines are directly involved in the treatment of sarcoma patients. The local proximity and close cooperation as a team of sarcoma specialists enables high-quality care for those affected.


Center Management

PD Dr. med. Attila Kollàr
Co-Zentrumsleiter, Leitender Arzt med. Onkologie

PD Dr. med. Heather Dawson
Leitende Ärztin, Pathologie

Dr. med. Codruta Ionescu
Oberärztin Radio-Onkologie

Brigitte Bohren
Abteilungsleiterin Pflege

Simone Heimplatz
Leiterin Qualitätsmanagement


PD Dr. med. Attila Kollàr
Leitender Arzt med. Onkologie

Dr. med. Codruta Ionescu
Oberärztin Radio-Onkologie

Prof. Dr. med. Guido Beldi
Chefarzt Viszerale Chirurgie

Prof. Dr. med. Steffen Berger
Direktor und Chefarzt Kinderchirurgie

Prof. Dr. med. Marco Caversaccio
Chefarzt und Klinikdirektor HNO

PD Dr. med. Heather Dawson
Leitende Ärztin, Pathologie

Dr. med. Dr. phil. Corina Kim-Fuchs
Spitalfachärztin Viszerale Medizin

Prof. Dr. med. Michael Mueller
Chefarzt Gynäkologie und Gynäkologische Onkologie

PD Dr. med. Radu Olariu
Stv. Chefarzt Plastische- und Wiederherstellungschirurgie

Samuel Schaible

Prof. Dr. med. Esther Vögelin
Co-Klinikdirektorin Handchirurgie

PD Dr. med. Kai Ziebarth
Leitender Arzt Kinderorthopädie und Traumatologie


As a patient with sarcoma and a planned surgical procedure, you will be cared for in the orthopedic surgery and traumatology ward. You can expect individual and appreciative care there. You and your loved ones will be based on ourPflegeverständnis professionally and comprehensively looked after. In the future, you will be personally accompanied by a nursing expert specializing in sarcoma diseases (“Advanced Practice Nurse”). The entire care team is in close contact. Subject matter experts are quickly called in if necessary. You can find information about our treatment partners hier.

Karin Biedermann
Pflegeexpertin APN, DNP, MScN, RN

Quality Management

Simone Heimplatz
Leiterin Qualitätsmanagement

Matthias Broekmann


Sabrina de Almeida
Med. Sekretärin

Christa Weiss